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  1. Captured by Charybdis, page 1
  2. Iraqi Civilians Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis
  3. Özgür Ansiklopedi
  4. Harmeet Sooden: Iraqi Civilians Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis | Evening Report

Three times a day, Charybdis swallowed a huge amount of water, before belching it back out again, creating large whirlpools capable of dragging a ship underwater. In some variations of the story, Charybdis was simply a large whirlpool instead of a sea monster. Charybdis has been associated with [ qualify evidence ] the Strait of Messina , off the coast of Sicily and opposite a rock on the mainland identified with Scylla. A whirlpool does exist there, caused by currents meeting, but it is dangerous only to small craft in extreme conditions.

A later myth makes Charybdis the daughter of Poseidon and Gaia [3] and living as a loyal servant to her father. Charybdis aided her father Poseidon in his feud with her paternal uncle Zeus and, as such, helped him engulf lands and islands in water. Zeus, angry over the land she stole from him, captured and chained her to the sea-bed. Charybdis was then cursed by the god and transformed into a hideous bladder of a monster, with flippers for arms and legs, and an uncontrollable thirst for the sea. As such, she drank the water from the sea thrice a day to quench it, which created whirlpools.

Odysseus faced both Charybdis and Scylla while rowing through a narrow channel. He ordered his men to avoid Charybdis, thus forcing them to pass near Scylla, which resulted in the deaths of six of his men.

Mythos Unbound: Scylla and Charybdis

Later, stranded on a raft, Odysseus was swept back through the strait and passed near Charybdis. His raft was sucked into her maw, but he survived by clinging to a fig tree growing on a rock over her lair. On the next outflow of water, when his raft was expelled, Odysseus recovered it and paddled away safely. The Argonauts were able to avoid both dangers because Hera ordered the Nereid nymph Thetis , Achilles ' mother, to guide them through the perilous passage.

In the Aeneid the Trojans are warned by Helenus of Scylla and Charybdis, and are advised to avoid then by sailing around Pachynus point Cape Passero rather than risk the Straits [8]. But just for once, he wanted someone who would resist her willingness, who would fight his control and deny herself such relish. He yearned to see someone arrive with the inner strength to hold out against the seduction of iniquitous vice.

How sweet that would be; to finally win her over, to finally have her admit that this was what she truly craved.

Captured by Charybdis, page 1

It would be a war of wills, fought for control of her very soul. He stiffened and purred with glee as the slave drew free his seed and orgasm, his mind filled with the notion of such a delightful conflict.

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Even in the heady storm of climax he did not fail to notice the left hand of his slave slipping down and teasing her nipples. It was an act of self-gratification she was hiding so poorly that she could only be seeking discovery and thereby punishment, a wish he would happily oblige her with. Stray rivulets of accumulated sweat fell from her features like salty drizzle as the suspended cylinder of leather quivered with the virulence of her jabbing blows, shaking upon the fat chain that held it aloft.

An elbow launched into it, chaffing her skin, the sensation increasing her savagery to new levels of berserk fury. Balancing on one foot, sweeping kicks flashed into the inanimate target at head height, then with a hiss of exertion she danced onto the other foot and span on the ball to launch a circle kick into its flank with a dull soft thump.

As though having defeated some sanguinary opponent Mina stepped back, her muscles hot from such a prolonged fight against the faceless and shapeless foe.

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Flicking some strands of damp hair from her face, she looked across herself in the mirror, objectively admiring the handiwork she had spent years crafting. Clad in stark shades of absolutes, the attire matched her demeanour and her temperament.

A high cut leotard of white lay over black shimmering leggings, matched with jet fighting gloves. Her bob of black hair was tied back with white ribbon, the tumble of raven locks now dishevelled after numerous tufts had slipped the strangling bow. Her Lycra clad body was slender, her average height allowing her to retain her feminine curves. A few inches more would render her a lanky Amazon, a few shorter would condense them further and create an exaggerated apparition. Breathing via deep, regulated gasps, she controlled her eager pulse and started to stretch and bend, letting her limbs flow and turn with graceful precision, the martial exercises precise to the merest millimetre.

The feeling of strength she gained from her body awareness was immense: to know every inch of herself, to know its limits, its every detail and what she could do with it. The cell phone interrupted the serene quiet, breaking into a merry series of pips to announce a call. Mina ignored it, continuing with her private regime of self-tuning, emptying her mind of thought to find a vague tranquillity. The answering machine clicked on and immediately beeped, offering no message to the caller. Her abode, like her identity was anonymous, hidden for the sake of all. Mina recognised the powerful tones immediately, the greatest power in her hierarchy was unmistakable even through the corruption of the voice scrambler he was employing to further conceal his own identity.

Wandering over, she picked up the phone, pulled out the antenna with her teeth and flipped it open. Setting it back on the machine, Mina flipped up the lid to her laptop and let her lithe fingers dance across the flat keys, opening the encrypted channel to her company. The logo of Turan Incorporated appeared in its bold grave glory, asking for her password before permitting her to enter the secure files. The series of twenty numbers and letters let the machine open its digital veils of iron and view what she sought. The pages of nonsensical gibberish trickled down across the screen.

Sitting back for a moment, her decryption programme took a few seconds to shake lose the elaborate obfuscation and bring forth the text.

Iraqi Civilians Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis

Her eyes flowed across the script, assimilating the data, looking for clues, for reasons and backgrounds to her mission, noticing not just the obvious and presented information, but the convoluted paths and alleys that lurked between each word and line. Most massive corporations kept a person like her in the murky background. Secret transactions and petty cash deductibles fed spectres such as she, keeping her kind in the lap of luxury, pampered and wanting for nothing in exchange for complete fealty. Like all of her rarefied breed, her speciality was simple in its definition but difficult to express in a curt description.

Where there was a problem, she erased it; where there was ignorance, she dragged forth revelation; where there was an obstacle, she shattered it, be that obstacle animate, inanimate or comprised of ethereal data.

Özgür Ansiklopedi

Should one of the indiscretions of the board or their subordinates be exposed, it was she who would make sure the stories never escaped by silencing, stealing, and covering up. She was a covert operative for an industrial power, willing to do anything to preserve the financial security of her lords.

The directors were her presidents, the company was her country, its corporate logo her flag, and she was a zealous soldier pledged to defend it from all enemies both foreign and domestic. The latest bump in the smooth sailing of the juggernaut that was Turan Inc. Korin Enterprises had been a primary competitor she had tripped and foiled numerous times, her sabotage and espionage keeping her own paymaster a nose ahead of them in the competitive world market.

The blackmail material she had acquired on prospective clients had let Turan snatch them over the rivals. The extortion and intimidation of certain Korin executives had caused critical delays that let Turan prematurely pilfer choice deals. The viruses and false data she had installed directly into their mainframe caused critical delays to research projects, allowing Turan to win the development race and gain the all important patent before their rivals could. It appeared that her mysterious employers were concerned.

She only knew them by the names of planets, led by Jupiter, the father of the gods, while she was allocated the code-name Mars, the war god, bringer of destruction and new beginnings, an apt enough persona. The enigmatic head of Korin Enterprises was secretly backing some sort of massive investment in the Pacific. They wanted her to find out what he was up to, what he had found, and what he was planning. If it could be detrimental to Turan holdings, she was to bring ruin to it. All they had was a starting point, a secret subsidiary company existing somewhere within Korin, a branch so secret that with all their hackers and spies, Turan had failed to even get a name or prove its existence to even the vaguest degree of certainty.

Erasing the files, and then sending in a Raptor program to chew up the dregs and prevent any hope of reconstruction, Mina picked up the phone and dialled a number from memory.

Harmeet Sooden: Iraqi Civilians Caught Between Scylla and Charybdis | Evening Report

The response was tardy and indecisive; the woman pained by the neglect Mina had shown her. Let me make it up to you with dinner? A broad smile expanded the corners of her lips, parting them and showing her wide grin as she listened to Melissa reluctantly permit a visit. The few articles Mina had left behind were a deliberate oversight, a precaution against just such an eventuality. All she needed was a chance to get inside and she could complete her mission.

The woman was late into her twenties, having struggled and studied hard to achieve her rank in the company.