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  1. Talent Is Never Enough: No Matter How Gifted You Are, These 13 Choices Will Make You Better
  2. Talent is Never Enough | Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog
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Work, wait, and hope. That is enough. Compared to talent, persistence is a modest, even lowly virtue. But it's an essential one. It's the beast of burden on whose shoulders your callings and your crafts are carried to completion. Without it, your gifts and talents will never see the light of day. But the discipline needed to persevere doesn't arise solely from grim willpower , or holding yourself to task by the scruff of the neck, and certainly not from fear, though there'll be days when you pull yourself up to your work as if to a chin-up bar. Discipline is a natural byproduct of your commitment to your own integrity and authenticity, to doing what you love and what you must do.

And you must have an answer to that question that satisfies the cynic in you. Unfortunately, discipline has something of a bad name. When I think of it, I think of spankings and trips to the principle's office. I think of punishment.

But discipline is nothing more than the concentrated effort necessary to get work done. It's by not being disciplined that you truly punish yourself, because without it you drift endlessly, and your dreams recede from you.

Talent Is Never Enough: No Matter How Gifted You Are, These 13 Choices Will Make You Better

Thank you!! I needed this! I just got through working on a painting that's been giving me fits and with me wanting to torch it! I'm rarely completely satisfied with my artwork, but I never contemplated giving it up. It's who I am since the age of 3 and well into being an older woman. I produce more now than when I was younger, simply because I want to keep growing before I run out of time. Thanks Mille for your response to the post about Persistence. Glad you found it useful, and timely.

Here's to having intestinal fortitude for the artist's life. Sometimes vulnerability is the strength you need. A teaching tale.

Talent is Never Enough | Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog

Fear isn't just natural in the course of ambition, it's vital. Here's why.

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Hoarding Gregg Levoy Passion! Eighth — courage. Without courage, fear may paralyze your talent.

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Ninth — teachability. Tenth — character. Character is the basis of your talents. Eleventh — relationships.

Talent is not enough

Take a lesson from this guy. Twelfth — responsibility.

Why athletic talent isn't enough

Take matters in your hands. Thirteenth and final — teamwork. Talent Is Nothing Special 2. Make Yourself an Indispensable Company Member. Everybody has his own strengths and, to stand out, you really need to find a way to maximize your potential. And you can maximize your talent by some focused hard work. In no less than thirteen different departments. First of all, confidence and passion. Then, initiative, focus, preparation, practice, and teachability. However, you also need to work on your perseverance and courage, while never forgetting to develop your character, and relationships.

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Finally, you need to take responsibility, while never forgetting that talented teams work better than talented individuals. Nowadays, many companies claim that they are facing a talent shortage. You need to maximize your talent. And show to these employers that you are exactly what they are looking for. Like this summary? PT ES.

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