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  2. 'My abusive partner said the only way out for me was in a wooden box – then he shot me'
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It makes them less dependent on their teacher.


Through internet there are amazing educational programmes available that increase the level of education enormously. Pichincha, computer and internet project Home Who are we? Who are we? How did we start? Education, the only way out.

'My abusive partner said the only way out for me was in a wooden box – then he shot me'

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Anger was the fuel that gave me power to overcome uncertainty, anxiety, and fear, to brush limiting feelings aside, to close off vulnerabilities and bandage emotional wounds. It has also hurt virtually everyone who has ever gotten close to me. It has stunted my spiritual growth. It has at times turned me against God.

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It has threatened to consume me. I have better control over my anger now than I ever have, but I am by no means a free man. Whenever I am confronted with some great difficulty, it is always there, waiting, seducing me with the promise that it will vanquish all foes, that I need no one and nothing but the burning destruction that it allows me to wield.

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I have always known that Our Lord desires that we suffer. It seems such a cruel thing — the kind of thing that no parent would wish on a child — but we turn our eyes to the crucifix and see there that it is the only key that can unlock the gates of eternal salvation.

The Only Way Out Is Through

Anger again, plays a role here. The response of a child is to be angry at what the soldiers did to Our Lord. They see the manifest injustice of it. And yet, it is the injustice that saved the world. Anger eventually gives way to sorrow, to remorse. We did not hold the physical whip or drive home the nails, but they were necessitated and given force by our sins. There is no way to heaven except by the cross.

Jesus, in the fullness of His humanity, has given us example of the full, terrifying cost of sin: the suffering and death that sets us free. Who now rejoice in my sufferings for you, and fill up those things that are wanting of the sufferings of Christ, in my flesh, for his body, which is the church….